Our journey towards a new Job Profile

As the tourism industry influences the global economy and the regional development, the issue of its sustainable development and its projectification is becoming particularly relevant.

The Agenda 2030 Sustainable Goals and the Paris Declaration for Climate Change recognize the critical role played by the tourism sector which accounts for 1/10 of global GDP and employment.

That’s why the job profile of Sustainable Hybrid Project Manager should emerge.

HyPro4ST project aims to foster a holistic educational ap¬proach to support existing and prospective project managers and other professionals and students that are working in the tourism industry, with the aim to boost innovation through the cooperation and flow of knowledge in higher education.
In June 2023, the 2nd Project Meeting took place in Opatija (Croatia), the Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management (FTHM) to evaluate the project’s progress, with a special focus on the finalization of The Labour Market Needs Analysis.
This analysis is the result of a process of qualitative and quantitative research, which enabled partners to collect data on sustainability, skills, and training in tourism systems, as well as in hybrid project management methods in their countries.

Here are some key conclusions emerged from the research:

  • Public institutions, businesses and local communities consider the green and digital transitions as a necessary step for the further development of societies.
  • Tourism is already followign these dynamics, as demonstrated by the success of so-called ‘experiential’ products and the importance of responsible practices such as regenerative tourism.
  • In order to face the social, economic and environmental challenges of our time, we need ever greater organisational and management skills, for which proper training has a crucial role.
  • Where the management of organisations is inspired by project management methods, a mixed (and therefore hybrid) solution between traditional and flexible approaches appears to be the most effective. However, this concept is not widespread among tourism organisations, especially if they are small ones.

Would you like to read the full report? The Labour Market Needs Analysis will be soon available on the project website.

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