The main objectives are to:

  • Identify specificities and challenges in each country regarding the sustainable tourism sector, as well as the learning and development (L&D) needs relating to performance gaps of the project managers working in various disciplines of the tourism industry.
  • Develop a new Job Profile of the Sustainable Hybrid Project Manager qualification for the Sustainable Tourism Sector, that will match skills and labour market needs.
  • Develop the HyPro4ST online, inclusive learning hub, hosting the HyPro4ST VOOC and Practical Guide, for providing open and continuous vocational education and training to professionals and students of the tourism sector, vocational and higher education trainers and educators, including vulnerable groups in society
  • Upskill and tackle skills mismatches in the tourism sector by training at least 600 existing and prospective project managers and students via the HyPro4St VOOC and of at least 30 professionals via the 2 work-based planned activities.
  • Issue at least 600 Certificates of Attendance and developing a certification scheme for the new job profile, that deploys globally accepted certification process.