How to successfully respond to the rapid transformations of the tourism sector

The tourism sector is undergoing profound changes throughout Europe, as we are living in the Project, Digital, Creative, Entrepreneurial and Green Economy era, thus applying a holistic approach to sustainable tourism development is crucial.

In line with these major changes, HyPro4ST project intends to upskill tourism professionals and project managers to build a talent pipeline for the future growth of the tourism sector, strengthening their competences in the fields of sustainability, digitalisation, creativity and entrepreneurship

Based on the initial Labour Market Needs analysis (see the Labour Market Needs Report here), the new Job Profile of the Sustainable Hybrid Project Manager for the Tourism Sector was created, providing a general description of the related responsibilities, emphasising its daily tasks, as well as the soft and hard skills needed.

In order to match the current needs and trends of the labour market, the HyPro4ST consortium utilised many EU tools to develop the new job profile such as the Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, the EU Strategy for Sustainable Tourism, the New Skills Agenda for Europe 2030 etc. while two OECD publications and the European multilingual classification of Skills, Competences, and Occupations (ESCO) guided the design of the document.

The new European Job Profile will provide a means of summarising and organising the insights to ensure the validity of the competences of certified professionals and students of the tourism sector, attending the future online training course, as “Sustainable Hybrid Project Managers”. HyPro4ST training course will in turn contribute to inform the newly updated and upscaled EU’s Blueprint Strategy for the tourism sector.


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Sustainable Hybrid Project Managers should encompass key skills in project and sustainability management, and put them in use for developing, managing and monitoring the development of sustainable tourism on a destination level, as well as on a tourism product level. Having in mind the specificities of the tourism sector, this job profile aims to effectively combine different knowledge, skills and competences from the fields of general project management (agile PM, lean PM, green PM), environmental and social responsibility, as well as entrepreneurship, digitalisation and soft skills. It aspires to apply this knowledge and skills to the complex dynamical surrounding of tourism sector, in the field of new sustainable tourism offers (new initiatives), but also in improving, managing and monitoring existing tourism products towards the goals of sustainability.

In the end, the new Job Profile is expected to support companies and education and training providers to better manage talent and address skills gaps in education and training programmes, thus promoting labour mobility across Europe.

Would you like to explore further the skills and competences this new Job Profile will offer? Consult the full document Job Profile Sustainable Hybrid Project Manager qualification for the Sustainable Tourism Sector  which is publicly available on our website!